Teacher Feedback

This form is intended to collect information relating to your satisfaction towards the curriculum, teaching, learning, evaluation and infrastructure. The information provided by you will be kept confidential and will be used as important feedback for quality improvement of the programme of studies and the institution.

For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by selecting appropriate option.

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    1. The balance between theory and application in the course/ syllabi taught by me is: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 2. The objectives of the syllabi well defined: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 3. Relevance of the books/journals etc. prescribed / listed as reference materials the entire syllabi: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 4. The courses/syllabi of the subjects taught by me increased my interest, knowledge, and perspective in the subject area: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 5. The college has given me full freedom to adopt new techniques/strategies of teaching such as group discussions, seminar presentations, and learners participation: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 6. I have the freedom to adopt new techniques/strategies of testing and assessment of students: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 7. Tests and examinations are conducted well in time with proper coverage of all units in the syllabus: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 8. The prescribed books are available in the Library in Sufficient numbers: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 9. The environment in the College is conducive to teaching and research: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 10. The administration is teacher friendly: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 11. The college provides adequate opportunities and support to faculty members for upgrading their skills and qualifications: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 12. ICT facilities in the college are adequate and satisfactory: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 13. Toilets / washrooms are clean and properly maintained: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory 14. The classrooms are clean and well maintained: ExcellentGoodNeverUnsatisfactory

      Name of the Teacher*: Gender*: MaleFemale Department of Teacher*: Email*: Contact No.*: Course*: Subject Taught and Course Code*: Academic Year*:

      Review of the syllabus by Teacher

      1. Does the syllabus reflect core knowledge of the subject? YesNo 2. Are there topics that should be excluded from the syllabus? YesNo 3. Are there topics that should be included from the syllabus? YesNo 4. Can syllabus be completed in time bound manner? YesNo 5. Is the syllabus flexible to adopt new teaching methodology? YesNo 6. Do students get adequate knowledge from the course syllabus? YesNo 7. Does the course content satisfy the needs of students? YesNo 8. Is the syllabus relevant to local issues? YesNo 9. Are there textbooks, reference books available in the market? YesNo 10. Should changes be considered in the revision of the syllabus? YesNo