Student Feedback

Dear Students,

This form has been designed to seek feedback from you to strengthen the quality of teaching-learning environment, to provide best possible facilities and modern infrastructure. The information provided by you will be kept confidential.


For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by selecting appropriate option.

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    1. The office staff in the college is cooperative and helpful: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 2. The library staff is cooperative and helpful: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 3. Online educational resources are available and accessible in the library: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 4. Internet facility provided in the Library is satisfactory: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 5. The prescribed books/reading materials are available in the library: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 6. Results are displayed by the college: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 7. Toilets / washrooms are clean and properly maintained: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 8. The classrooms are clean and well maintained: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 9. The campus is green and eco-friendly: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 10. Clean drinking water is available in the college campus: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 11. The buildings / classrooms are accessible to disabled persons: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 12. The campus has adequate power supply: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 13. Our grievances are redressed / problems are solved well in time: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 14. The functioning of the placement cell in the college is satisfactory: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 15. Continuous efforts are taken by the college to improve the quality of teaching and learning: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 16. The college takes interest in strengthening its ties with industries, professional bodies etc: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 17. The college promotes student exchange, internship etc. programmes for providing new opportunities to students: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 18. The mentoring process of the college helped me to identify my strengths and face challenges: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory 19. The overall teaching and mentoring process of the college is excellent: SatisfactoryGoodAverageUnsatisfactory

      Name of the Student*: Gender*: MaleFemale Contact No.*: Email ID*: Course*: Class*: Academic Year*:

      Review of the syllabus by student

      1. Does the syllabus reflect core knowledge of the subject? YesNo 2. Whether the syllabus is effective in developing independent thinking? YesNo 3. Does the syllabus have applicability to a real-life situation? YesNo 4. Does the syllabus reflect learning values? (Knowledge, Conceptual understanding, analytical abilities, logical thinking) YesNo 5. Is the syllabus effective cover difficulty level of the subject? YesNo 6. Does the course content satisfy the needs of the students? YesNo 7. Is the syllabus relevant to address local issues related to the subject? YesNo 8. Does the syllabus anticipate contemporary changes in the subject? YesNo 9. Does the syllabus consist of field work, projects, and practical? YesNo 10. Are you satisfied with the existing syllabus? YesNo