Political Science (General Level)

Departmental Profile, Activities & Achievements

  • Department has its own collection of books as well as college library also enriched of departmental books.
  • Active participation of faculty members, student in confrince.
  • Modern teaching methods such as LCD,VCDs are regularly used for teaching.

Current Courses :




Programs arranged by the Department

  • An arrangement of Project and seminars of students.
  • Seminars Organised by Department.

Plan of action of the department for next five years

  • To Origanise State level Conference.
  • To Origanise Maharashtra Political Science & Public Administration Parishad.
  • To Organise Study Tour.
  • To Organise Lectures of experts.
  • To Study the Minor & Maj0r Research projects.
  • To send and publish research paper at State level, National level and International level Conference.

Prof. Dr. Wabale Dattatray

Qualification: M. A., M. Phil., Ph. D.

Designation: Asst. Professor

Experience: 15 Years