The SahebraoShankarraoDhamdhere Arts & Commerce College has a well-equipped and spacious library. Almost all the basic and seminal books are available in the library. Most of the books are in Marathi, Hindi, and English. The students are bound to the library rules.

The library provides open access to the students, teaching and office-staff of the college.

Journals and Magazines are used only in library.

Reference sources like Encyclopedia, Dictionary etc. are not available for home lending but their use is restricted to the library.

Broad Band Internet facility is made available in the library. The library subscribes to INFLIBNET’s N-LIST services which provides full text access to more than 6000 e-Journals (with back files for 10 years ) of Institutes of International repute in the field of science and Technology. Access to E-Books and database is also proved by N-LIST.

The library strives to cater to the curricular, intellectual and creative information needs of teachers and students by providing latest and relevant information sources.

The Library organizes activity such as Book Exhibitions to promote reading habits among the users.

The students are encouraged to make use of the library facilities to the maximum.

It has been the library’s endeavor to inculcate habit of reading among the students and the staff for widening their horizons of information and knowledge so that they can keep abreast of all the recent development in the field of knowledge, information and research.

1Total No. of Volumes /Books6145
2Total No. of Text Books3488
3Total No. of Reference Books2189
4Total No. of Title of Books2196
5Total No. of Magazine / Journals19(Magazine) +15(Journal)=34
6Total No. of E-Books (N-list)97,000 +
7Total No. of E-Journals (N-list)6000+
8Total No. of CD/ DVD10
9Total No. of Bound Volumes35
10Total No. of News Papers8
1Reading Room8.00 am to 5.00 pm
2Internet ServiceBroadband